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Welcome to the Maine Koha Users Page

Koha, an open-source library circulation and cataloging software program got its start in New Zealand in 1999. Since that time, interest has grown to a point where an estimated 300+ libraries around the globe are using or in the process of using it.
This page is an attempt to provide a resource and contact list for libraries in Maine. I have listed libraries using Koha with contact information as well as links to Koha-relevant websites and listservs. It will be updated as new information comes to my attention.

Please note that sometime in April 2009, this page will expand to include Evergreen activity/interest in Maine.

Please email me with any updates, additions or corrections


Hartland Public Library

Active since 6/1/07

John Clark (wizard at hartland.lib.me.us)

Phippsburg Elementary School

In setup

Laura Phelps (lphelps at rsu1.org)

Casco Public Library

Active since mid-2007

Carolyn Paradise (cascolib at casco.lib.me.us)

Jackson Memorial Library-Tenants Harbor

Went live in March 2008

(JML at JacksonMem.lib.me.us)

Penquis Valley Schools

Seriously considering migration to Koha

Nancy Grant (nbgrant at msad41.us)

Bridgton Public Library

Planning implementation in late 2008

Holly Hancock (hollyh at bridgton.lib.me.us)

Jackson Laboratory Library, Bar Harbor

Live since February 2008

Doug Macbeth (douglas.macbeth at jax.org )

Abbott Memorial Library (Dexter),Canaan Public Library, Simpson Library (Carmel), Shaw Public Library (Greenville), Thompson Free Library (Dover Foxcroft)

Consortium Libraries (King Grant) planning or considering migration to Koha

Blue Hill Library


Rich Boulet (rboulet at bhpl.net)

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Currently adding their holdings to Koha with a planned go-live this summer.

C.J. Walke (cjwalke at mofga.org)


Live: 7 school system on Koha 3.0

Frank Bridges (fbridges at msad3.org

10/17/08: Here's an interesting observation which I have verified regarding Amazon.com cover images, etc. appearing in an OPAC: It is my understanding that this is an Amazon API issue. It's not that they only look at the 10 digit it's that they look at the first 020 field only and so if the ISBN in that field isn't the one that matches the one they have on Amazon then it doesn't pull the data.
I may be wrong, but I've talked to several people who have researched this issues and I think this was what was discovered.

Nicole C. Engard Open Source Evangelist, LibLime

**Nicole is correct. When I put the 10 digit ISBN above the 13 digit one before importing from Solar, I got images almost every time. In a few instances, I had to remove (acid-free paper) or (pbk) from behind a 10 digit ISBN from an existing bib in Koha to get cover images. While the process adds a bit more time to cataloging, the results for OPAC viewers is pretty nice.


The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation have awarded a $23,000 grant to a library consortium in the Tri-County area (Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset counties). Jointly written by Liz Breaut, Abbott Memorial Library, John Clark, Hartland Public Library and Helen Fogler, Thompson Free Library in Dover-Foxcroft, the grant will establish a starter cluster of Koha libraries in the region that will have the potential to offer knowledge and setup expertise to other Maine libraries interested in Koha. Stay tuned for further details.
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Koha listservs

Nicole Engard's manual for Koha V. 3.0

Brooke Johnson's Koha Manual for Beginners

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