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MARVEL! - Virtual Library 





cloudLibrary gives you access to eBooks and Audio Books anywhere you are just with your library card!

As stated on the home page, we will be holding informational events on how to access and use cloudLibrary

on Thursday November 16, Friday November 17, Wednesday, November 29, and Friday December 1 at 6 P.M.

You can access cloudLibrary on your web browser at https://ebook.yourcloudlibrary.com/library/hplh/Browse

Once there, click on the Login button and enter your library card number. The "h" or "hpl" at the beginning of your number

is required.

Be advised that books downloaded by this method require an active internet connection to access.

For best use and eBooks and Audio Books you can access offline go to


and download the app associated with the device you are using.

Then follow the directions on that page to access cloudLibrary.

Be advised that older Kindles and eReaders that do not allow apps will not be able to download books from cloudLibrary.


If you have lost your library card or need a new one so you can use cloudLibrary we will provide one for you!


Any further questions please visit us at 16 Mill St., call us at 938-4702 or message us on our Facebook page!

Updated 11/8/17